Paula Prado Kfouri is a young woman who describes herself as a strong woman. Daughter, granddaughter and great-granddaughter of strong women, didn’t learn to be different. Owner of her own destiny, lover of a healthy life, follower of functional food and sports, she is an entrepreneur in her life. She tells about a life with Multiple Sclerosis, a reconstruction, reflecting upon herself, studies to understand the disease, efforts for rehabilitation, openness to life, new love, pregnancy, the blog “Sobre viver”, the channel “Qualidade Vivida”, friends from AME, cyberactivism


Paula Prado Kfouri was born in São Paulo in 1984. Daughter of Juarez Negreiro Kfouri and Valéria da Silva Prado. Her father was a chemist by profession and of Lebanese origin. When Paula's grandfather landed in Brazil, Juarez was eleven years old. With little information about her paternal family,...Continuar leitura

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