Story of Maria Eduarda, she was a 23-year-old girl when she gave the interview. Youngest daughter of a small family, she tells how she was always surrounded by parental care and affection. In 2017 she was diagnosed with Sclerosis. At the time she was finishing a gastronomy course and planned to follow the profession, but was restricted because of the heat and the heavy routine of the kitchen. She was able to cope with the anxiety that unfolded in the face of frustration with the impossibility of her career, deepened in self-knowledge, reflected within herself and decided for a new career in the field of gastronomic enterprise management. Duda, as she is known, described herself as shy and, in this introspection, builds her life with the disease, shares dreams with her boyfriend, welcomes possibilities for adaptations in life.



Known as Duda, Maria Eduarda Abdala José is the youngest daughter of a working-class couple from Whirpool, former Multibras. Her father was an engineer, of Lebanese descent in the interior of Paraná, and her mother, of Italian origin, worked in PR, in the countryside of Santa Catarina. The small f...Continuar leitura

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