A life constituted by class tensions between his maternal family, industrial Spaniards of São Paulo and his paternal history, emerging from the automobile market, after much discipline and savings. The path of university education among young people from the richest families in the city and the humanistic and critical perception about the lives of the underprivileged. The peak of his career and the arrival of the Multiple Sclerosis’ diagnosis. The reconstruction of his life with the disease. The establishment of the “Associação de Amigos Múltiplos pela Esclerose.


Gustavo San Martin Elexpe Cardoso was 31 when he told his story. Born in São Paulo and raised in Guarulhos - SP. His story is yet another story of hopes and dreams of a young man who wanted to win in life, earn his own money and make his parents proud. “Tatao”, as he was affectionately called b...Continuar leitura

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